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HK Hurricanes Development Pathway

Adult & Child

Age Range

Adult & Baby swimming classes (SW0B)

4 months - 2 years

Parents and infants with limited or no swimming experience, will learn how to support their child  in the water and will also have fun building water confidence. 

Adult & Toddler swimming classes (SW0A)

16 - 24 months

It's never too early to learn to swim. These 30 minute lessons are designed to help your toddlers develop swimming readiness and become comfortable in the water so that they can move on to Level 1B. The sessions are slightly more structured than the Parent and Baby classes. 


Age Range

Beginners swimming class (SW1B) b (Beginner)

2 - 5 years

The objective of Level One B is to help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Students will learn elementary water skills which they can build on as they progress through the various levels.

· Become oriented to aquatic environment

· Fully submerge face (3 seconds)

· Experience buoyancy (bob 3 to 5 times)

· Supported float on front/back

· Basic breath control (bubble blowing)

· Enter and exit water independently

· Move through water comfortably

· Supported kicking on front/back

· Introduction to alternating arm action


Beginners swimming class (SW1A) a (Advance)

2 - 5 years

Level 1A is to give students success with fundamental skills and learn to float without support. Learn basic self-help rescue skills.

· Fully submerge head (hold 3 seconds)

· Retrieve objects in chest deep water

· Orientation to deep water with support

· Front and back float unsupported

· Unsupported back float or glide (5 sec.)

· Leveling off from a vertical position

· Rhythmic breathing (bob 10 times)

· Step-in entry and side exit

· Flutter kick on front/back

· Back swim arm action

· Combined stroke front/back using kick/arm movements

· Turning over front/back, back/front

· Front/Back glide with push off



Age Range

Beginners swimming class (SW2)

5 - 8 years

Students learn to coordinate front and back crawl. Introduce elementary backstroke.

· Bob and submerge head completely

· Jump into deep water from side of pool

· Kneeling dive and compact dive from side of pool

· Coordinate arm stroke for freestyle with breathing to side

· Coordinate back crawl

· Elementary backstroke

· Basics of Breaststroke

· Reverse direction while swimming on front/back


Beginners swimming class (SW3)

5 - 8 years

Students develop confidence in stokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Introduce breaststroke and wall turns.

· Deep water bobbing

· Experiment with buoyancy and floating position

· Rotary breathing

· Stride dive from side of pool from a standing position

· Elementary backstroke

· Front/back crawl

· Breaststroke

· Butterfly Dolphin Kick

· Turning at the wall



Age Range

Improvers swimming class (SW4)

7 to 12 years

Coordination and refinement of key strokes, Introduce the butterfly, open turns, surface dives. Increase swim distances.

· Alternate breathing crawl

· Beginning diving progression

· Long shallow dive

· Breaststroke

· Underwater swimming

· Front/back crawl

· Butterfly

· Open turn on front/back

· Feet first surface dive



Age Range

Advanced swimming class (SW5)
Storm Force Prep

7 years +

The objective of Level five is to polish strokes so students swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances and prepare for the Competitive Squad.

· Continue to build up distance swimming, develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes

· Learning the approach and start from the blocks

· Refine the four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Back, Breaststroke & Butterfly)

· Approach strokes

· Learning different turns for the competitive strokes


Advanced swimming class (SW6) Hurricane Force -
Invitation Only or Try Out

7 years +

Having completed Level 5 (Squad Prep), swimmers will possess a high level of competence to train with the competitive squad. The programme will concentrate on improving stroke technique, be set around specific targets for improving swimmers’ times and focus on certain competitions during the year. All squad swimmers will be encouraged to train more than once a week, should they wish to do so. Swimmers moving into the squad sessions will be expected to make a commitment to compete in Hong Kong ASA competitions and will therefore automatically be registered with Hong Kong ASA.

Clinics - Swimming
Non Term Time

Age Range

Swimming Clinics (SWC1A) Beginners

24 months - 5 years

Swimming Clinics (SWC1B) Beginners

24 months - 5 years

Swimming Clinics (SWC2) Beginners

5 - 8 years

Swimming Clinics (SWC3) Beginners

5 - 8 years

Swimming Clinics (SWC4) Improvers

7 to 12 years

Taking a break from the term time, the holiday swimming clinics focus more on the fun aspects of swimming and aim to develop a passion of the sport of swimming through play and enjoyment.

Swimming Clinics (SWC5) Advanced Squads Prep

7 years +

For experienced swimmers and/or those who have progressed through the development programme and have reached a higher level of capabilities they may be invited to join the ESF Swimming Squads Prep. 

Swimming Clinics (SWC6) Advanced Academy Squads - Invitation Only

7 years +

For experienced swimmers and/or those who have progressed through the development programme and have reached a higher level of capabilities they may be invited to join the ESF swimming squads. 


Age Range

Adult fitness swimming classes (SWAD)

18 years +

The adult swim program offers group instruction for people ages 18 and up. Classes are broken down into three swimming levels to maximize your learning experience. 

Water Polo

Age Range

Swimming - Water Polo (SWWP1)


Introduction to basic techniques including treading, head-up freestyle, dribbling, passing, shooting, rules and mini-games. (Must have the  ability to swim 50m and tread water for 2 min)
Timing: 0.1547 s