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Hong Kong Hurricanes Swimming - What to Expect

Swimming is a life skill that every child should learn.  As a vigorous activity, swimming uses all the major muscle groups of the body.  The water is a fantastic place to develop kinesthetic sense, gliding and buoyancy. It develops aerobic fitness, assists coordination skills and is a low impact activity that has been proven to reduce stress.  With a variety of classes and levels from children to adults, everyone can cause a storm with the Hurricanes!

Skill & Stroke Development

The programme follows a multi-skill and multi-stroke approach to teaching swimming.  A number of skills form the basis from which strokes are developed.

Recognition of Achievement

The coaches follow a planned scheme of work to cover the criteria set out in each of the seven levels of the award scheme.  Towards the end of the term each student will receive either a certificate of achievement or a report on their progress.

Timing: 0.1641 s