Swimming - Squad Level 3 - Development (SW6D)

Ages 9+ years
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Highlights & Outcomes


After completing Development Squad programmes, students will possess a high level of competence to train with the competitive squad. This programme will concentrate on improving stroke technique, improving swimmers’ times, and competing in certain competitions during the year. All squad swimmers will be encouraged to train three times per week. Swimmers moving into the squad sessions will be expected to make a commitment to compete in Hong Kong China Swimming Association (HKGSA) competitions and will therefore automatically be registered with HKASA.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face

Highlights & Outcomes

To be able to perform 50m of all 4 main strokes with good technique, starts, and turns
To swim 10 x 50m at 1:00 - 1:15
To swim a 100 Individual Medley showing good and legal turns
To be able to keep the pace while swimming
To have a good understanding of lane etiquette and swimming terminology