Hong Kong Hurricanes Swimming

Positive and exciting introduction to water


The Hong Kong Hurricanes Swimming Programme is the ideal opportunity for young children to experience a positive and exciting introduction to water and the sport of swimming. The programme is based around teaching the fundamental skills of swimming through games and activities, as well as traditional methods. We follow AUS, USA, and the UK standards to ensure safety and maintain rigour in our method of teaching swimming. Games and activities are introduced so that children learn while having fun!
Swimming - Squad Level 3 - Development (SW6D)
(Ages 9+ years)
Swimming - Squad Level 2 - Swim for Fitness (SW6SF)
(Ages 10+ years)
Swimming - Adult Level 2 - Fitness (SWAD)
(Ages 18+ years)
Swimming - Adult Level 1 - Beginners (SWADB)
(Ages 18+ years)
Swimming - Squad Level 4 - Competitive Squad (SW6C)
(Ages 12+ years)
Swimming - Squad Level 1 - Foundation (SW6F)
(Ages 7-10 years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 3 (SW5)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 2 (SW4)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 1 (SW3)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Improver Level 2 (SW2A)
(Ages 6-9 years)
Swimming - Improver Level 1 (SW2)
(Ages 5-8 years)
Swimming - Beginner Level 2 (SW1A)
(Ages 4-7 years)
Swimming - Beginner Level 1 (SW1B)
(Ages 3+ years)
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